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Yaw Tutu is a nomadic world traveler who loves teaching and practicing Thai massage, Qigong, Tai Chi, Reiki and Food Healing.

A product of Florida Massage School, Yaw is the founder and Ceo of 1Touch Thai Massage Center in Ghana and America. He has travelled extensively all over the world teaching different healing modalities and recently visited Thailand to reacquaint himself with and practice Traditional Thai Massage.

As a multidimensional traveler and anchor between the seen and unseen, Yaw uses his gift to help people not just physically but also spiritually. Welcome to an amazing experience with Yaw…

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Thai Massage
Deep Tissue Massage
Qigong / Tai Chi

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Nothing like my previous massage experience. This had a sense of calmness with a healing effect. I wasn’t only relaxed after the session, but I know my body was grateful for the treat. It’s amazing, you’d have to experience the Thai massage to understand. I call it the Midas touch.

Amen Peters

In the 7 yrs that I have known Yaw, his abilities in the alternative healing modalities has grown exponentially...beyond mere words. His ability to integrate the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual selves, into the "self" is a deeper authentic healing!!!! After our sessions, I’ve always found myself to feel grounded, yet exhilarated. Calm and peaceful, yet mindful of what needs to be done…he’s quite the catalyst. Bless you for staying your path, and helping others to help themselves

Cheryl Geanacopoulos

It was totally amazing and relaxing! Yaw is extremely good with his work and makes you feel comfortable. I can do this everyday!

Lako Apo



He is really good! definitely one of the best therapists in Ghana!

Samuel Apea-Danquah